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Leased Lines

Internet Leased Lines

1. Dedicated or Dual Media

Every month The Cloud Networkhelps many of businesses solve this problem by moving to one of our fully managed, individually tailored network solutions. It all starts with a conversation with you and your team before we determine how best to connect your locations. We shall assess your business requirements at each location and advise how to provide redundancy to those mission critical sites.

2. Dedicated Uncompressed Bandwidth

You can rely on the speed, security and guaranteed up-time of our leased line service to take care of your critical business applications and processes, and to ensure the very best user experience for your organization and staff alike. Our leasedline service delivers reliable, high-speed connectivity to each of your business sites across our performance engineered network with multi-level redundancy and security built in. And to make sure your service is always running at its very best, we deploy world-class, fully automated monitoring processes with 24x7 support every day of the year.

3. SLA based Committments

Many service provider that does not guarantee their network performance exposes your business processes, and the running of your operations, to network outages and faults. Our Service Level Agreement gives you the peace of mind that your critical business applications are running over a network that comes with a guaranteed level of up-time and fault resolution time-frames. Our SLA and pricing vary so you can choose the level of cover that is right for your business depending on your operational reliance on the internet. Our target fault response time is 30 Minutes. Our target restoration time is 4 hours.

in addition to this We pride ourselves on providing crystal clear and timely information to our customers to ensure we can both seamlessly manage the process of onboarding, changing or up-grading network. Whenever we are working with you to set up or manage your service, we shall keep you and your team updated each and every step of the way. We always aim to get your business connected as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Our dedicated provisioning team have all the skills, and years of experience to get you up and running without a hitch.

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