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Safe Browsing

Parental Control

The Cloud Network urges you to ensure that your children and other young adults at home are safe on the internet.

Undoubtedly, internet is a great enabler and has the power to #MakeLifeBetter for everyone.However, it may not be the safest place as illegal, violent and disturbing content is easily available at the click of a mouse. Parental control tools let you set filters for different online subjects and activities, so you can prevent your children from seeing things like pornography, hate literature, drugs, gambling and games - as well as unsafe file sharing and media streaming. Here are some free tools that you can use to monitor and manage internet usage for your children:
Apart from these tools, here are a few tips everyone should keep in mind to stay safe online:

� Be extremely careful of what information you share that can be used to personally identify you or your family like name, addresses, pictures and/or location of your house etc.

� Create strong passwords that do not contain your name, date of birth, special anniversaries that can be guessed easily. Use a mix of letters, numbers and special characters. And change them every three-six months.

� Ensure that you log out of your online accounts if you use shared devices at school, colleges etc

� Spend time with your children to go through and modify privacy settings of apps and social media platforms they use.

� Have a conversation with your child about healthy social behavior including who they want to be online, how they spend time online and how much should they share with their virtual friends.

We urge you all to visit www.cyberswachhtakendra.gov.in and get the latest information about malware, best security practices, countermeasures and security tools to disinfect and secure your systems.
Parental Control" controls what data is displayed in the browser window. toggles a pop-up for certain sites, or hides links on your device (such as Google+ and Twitter). The Chrome extension's interface allows you choose which site(s) are visible at any given time via "Options", then from there select between several other options: If You're A Geek - Show this website if it's good enough For People With Serious Phobias - Make them see content only when they have severe phobia We've taken that idea of having an end-to–end experience into consideration with support for devices such no more than 6 inches by 12 centimeter

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